Innovative office design ideas

With the changing time, the lifestyle of people has changed as well. People look for better prospects now. Some of these people venture out to have their own business. Yet, having your own company office with the necessary office infrastructure can be quite a headache. What you need is to find a great office at the perfect location. So here are some office design ideas to ensure that you do not have to spend a lot while designing the perfect office.

Citizen Office Concept by Vitra



This office design opens up a lot of possibilities through which employees could interact with each other and thus creates a great work environment. The arrangements in the office are made in such a way that there is enough space for each individual. Thus each employee can decide how to work so that his or her work will be the most productive. With the great work environment, employees are likely to remain happy and deliver good work.



T-6 Mobile Office by Volkswagen


In nearly every major auto show in the world, you would get to see futuristic concept cars. The cars literally wow you and you end up thinking about when the time would come before you would see such a car on the road. Well, with this T-6 Mobile Office design by Volkswagen, you do not need to think so anymore. This is because your office could seem like a futuristic car in itself. The T-6 Mobile office Volkswagen Concept, conceived by the designer Alexander Zhukovsky, has a beautiful external structure resembling a car along with flashy and sleek interiors. This mobile office has the comforts of a business car with all the necessary infrastructure of a working place included. The great way of assembling makes the “T-6” has enough space in the passenger compartment.





We have seen home offices and heard a lot about mobile offices. Next is the turn of floating offices that are in trend these days. The H2Office is a unique office that can float on water. So you get to do all your work while floating over water. The H2Office provides a cozy environment and has a whole load of posh features. There is a foldable bed, a lounge, a kitchenette and various other necessary things. The H2Offices by WaterSpace runs on 240v DC power. The H2Office can even run on wind and solar energy and is available for a base price of £59,950 ($93,977.6).


LAU mobile office concept

This is a revolutionary new office mobile design created by one Fauvel Khan. This office design aims to bridge the gap between your home and office. Thus, this office room has ample room for both your personal and office items. You tend to have your own independence while in the office. This mobile office design also makes employees interact with each other more easily and thus helps to increase their productivity. The LAU mobile office concept won the first place in the 2007 Ffress awards sponsored by OrangeBo. The plus point of this office design is its feasible implementation.

Nissan’s Mobile Office Concept

This is another mobile office concept, this time by Nissan. According to the Automaker, the Nissan NV200 is “A Smart Business Tool of New Generation, for Active Professionals.” The concept of storage gets a new meaning with the NV200. You have all your workstation items at your arms reach while traveling. With the NV200 you can even meet your clients or do the necessary paperwork while parked at a lake or even a beach.The interior of the office is customizable to a large extent and has an efficient working space.


Archipod’s Garden Pod office



This Garden Pod office is made from insulated and prefabricated curved plywood. It can serve as a great office or even an entertainment room right outside your home. The diameter of the Garden Pod is around 3m and has a roof that lets in natural light. The interior of the room has plastered walls that make the pod remain bright and comfortable.


O-Pod office


This is an efficient dome shaped house designed by EcoHab. The O-Pod office is a great way to be with nature and is a suitable place for an office, a studio or even a meeting room. The O-Pod is made from coated box section steel frame and also includes plasterboard insulation. There is also a breathable membrane with an external cladding. According to the developers, the O-Pod has a life span of more than 60 years. The exterior of the O-Pod is decorated with cedar shingles and this can even be customized. The O-Pod is simple to install and is in many ways, cost efficient.

Footprint Garden Office

This is an office concept, designed by Nick Fisher, that makes people know the impact of urbanization today on our surroundings. This Footprint Garden office is spacious and neat and has a different feel and look to it. The garden office enables you to give a sustainable look to your office and also helps you champion the cause of sustainable development. Positioned on the roof, users can connect more with nature with this office. This home office uses sustainable materials like unique carbon composite and thus gives a clean and green area. The office has an elegant appeal and blends into any contemporary atmosphere. Most importantly, the Footprint Garden Office creates a sense of Eco friendliness among the employees.






Though work from home options can be really cool but sometimes, they can pose some serious challenges too. There might be your kids or pets who would constantly pester you. This is why a separate home office might just help. The OfficePOD is one such office unit that has nearly 7′ x 7′ of office space. The interiors are curvy and there is lots of storage space. You could have this office in your backyard or even in a woodsy setting and work without any distraction. There could be an electrical connection from your home to the office and you can even have your own WiFi.





Kruikantoor Portable office

“Kruikantoor” which means “wheelbarrow and office” is an office design intended for new entrepreneurs. Designed by Dutch designer Tim Vinke, this portable office can turn itself into a compact unit and move from one place to another with its built in wheels. This transferable Kruikantoor Portable office becomes a compact cube measuring 1500 x 400 x 1200mm in dimensions when it combines all its elements. The Kruikantoor Portable office is made in polystone and has a table, two chairs, storage, electricity connection and light inside it.


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