Inimitable designs inspired by R2-D2

In the year 1977 a cultural phenomena in the form of a sci-fi movie called Star Wars took place. Since then more than 30 years have gone by. But, the characters of that movie are still popular. One of them is a droid R2D2 (who can speak in a mechanical voice with burps and clicks) who remains ever popular among kids and teens. Here is a list of 7 modern product designs based on that droid R2D2 from the movie Star Wars.

Beer R2D2

Beer is a favorite and a staple drink around USA. Therefore the beer manufacturers have opted for this design which is quite ingenious. It is also done in order to popularize the drink more to common people. This R2D2 beer can holds 4.7liter beer which has legs made of propane tank vale handles and feet from 3 mini bread tins. A vintage chrome BLC utility shell is used to build the head and a vintage movie camera is also there for eye.


R2D2 Water Bottle


It is already mentioned that R2D2 has extreme popularity among school going kids around the world. And when kids go to school parents provide them with a water bottle from which they drink water whenever necessary. Keeping this in mind a Japanese company Tanomi had introduced this new kind of bottle in Japan which just looked like R2D2. You had to open the head or lid of the bottle and suck the nipple to drink the water from it. At that time it was priced $37.




R2D2 PC Case MOD

As computers are becoming more and more popular and necessary here is a very modern PC case designed in the form of R2D2. It has all the components like disc trays, hard drives, sockets and console for important wire connections. Moreover other necessary gadgets which go usually with computer like USB ports as well as hubs and multimedia speakers, also can be found in the form of R2D2. R2D2 multimedia speakers come in two different designs, that is blue and orange.

R2D2 Aquarium

This brilliantly built aquarium has a whole fish tank which can hold 1 3/4 gallon of water in the form of R2D2. The rest (the legs and arms of the droid) are just for show. But, the voice activated head is built in such a way that it makes mechanical sounds exactly as the original droid from the film. It has LED lights built in it. Moreover, it can rotate. Besides a built-in periscope provides a nice view of the water tank with colorful fishes below. This tank has several stills from the movie Star Wars stuck on a water proofed card board as background. This R2D2 fish tank certainly revolutionizes the design of traditional house hold aquarium.


R2D2 Refrigerator


After aquarium now it is time for another house hold item of necessity. This time a complete mini refrigerator in the form of R2D2. It was made in Japan as a promotional material for the release of the film Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. It was priced $1070 and 1000 of such ingenious R2D2 refrigerators were made at that time.

R2D2 Back Pack

Seeing R2D2’s increasing popularity among teens and kids who go to college and schools merchandise makers had introduced this uniquely designed backpack for books in the form of R2D2. It was designed for the occasion of Star Wars festival. This back pack which sold like a hot cake just after introduction was priced $65.

R2D2 Mail Box


In modern urban society hand written mails are threatened under the influence of electronic mail system because it can reach its destination quickly and flawlessly. Keeping this in mind the Government of USA had taken a step to popularize hand written mail system in 2007. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie Star Wars, the postal department of USA replaced a number of usual blue colored post collection boxes around 200 prominent US cities by R2D2 shaped mail boxes of the same color.



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