Influenza Saver – Smart wand to kill germs and bacteria

You might be aware of the germs and bacteria around that you often meet through mobiles, keyboards, toilet seats or any other object but unfortunately, you cannot see and locate them. Influenza Saver is one such device that not only helps killing the harmful germs and bacteria through the ultra violet rays but also sterilizes the objects used in everyday life. The smart magic wand is an ultraviolet radiator that works through the effective waves. This Japanese invention protects you from all kinds of viruses including influenza that causes great loss of energy and strength.

Effective working

Influenza Saver  2

The magical wand is simple to use. You need to set the ultraviolet radiations according to the task. If cleaning a small object like a mobile phone, set radiation at small intervals of 5 minutes and if cleaning the room, set radiations at an interval of 15 to 30 minutes etc. Once you are done with the settings, place the wand above the object and turn it on. Wave it over the object and you will see ultra violet rays flashing on the object that will kill several bacteria’s and germs efficiently, without taking much time. The Influenza saver has a LED display screen that flashes all instructions stating how to use the wand, making its working easier. Moreover, the waves will cause no damage to the device.

The Influenza saver is a lightweight and portable device that serves as your health expert at all times. The 150gm wand is equipped with four AA batteries that will allow you to use it for three hours in a stretch and is best for various electronic and household items including keyboards, calculators, mobile phones, chopping boards, beds and rooms as well. This magic wand is available online for only $24.

Source : Redferret.Net

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