Inflatable architecture designs for instant refuge

Any citation, allusion or reference to disasters summons up miserable images of debacles, ravage and catastrophe. The entire landscape turns into the screech of breaks and the lives grind to a halt. Where do the people take shelter and how to reallocate them? The need of instant refuge has motivated the inflatable architecture designs. The use of such instant shelter options is not contracted and they fulfill some other purposes also. After the commencement of designing such structures, their moderation was done. These temperate and sensible designs fascinated the innovation creators and inspired them to utilize these designs for other useful motives as well. The inflatable designs and structures ultimately facilitate a distinguished experience for any outdoor events, conferences, concerts, exhibition or any other occasion.


An innovative idea of portable occasion space was introduced by Raumlabor Berlin who belongs to a Germon architecture firm. This set up for making a provisional refuge can be created into corner, around plants or under over pass route. The USP of this bubble building is its feasibility and lower cost. It does not ask for too much human or other resource. The packaging and deflating can be done at ease as it is just a transparent bubble which is made of a PVC membrane and air is filled throughout the casing. The concept of provision is ready to explode and host the numerous events in the parks of London.

Inflatable Dome Theater

Disaster release innovations brought an idea of inflatable Dome Theater. This enormous and colossal tent can be arranged in about three hours and are feasible for warm weather conditions. But if we look forward for the portable refuge shelter options for the mass or talk about winter type weather, then such canopy structures require some more alteration or modification. But these designs are still good for outdoor party organizers.

Kitchen Monument by Raumlabor

The Kitchen monument or mobile sculpture design was specified by Raumlabor. This provisional gathering space is utilized to organize diversified programs. Such sculptures are used for ample occasions and purposes like seminars, boxing competitions, cinema, steam bath and for concerting on some vital issues.

The Inflatable House

Is your expenditure too much on house extension? If yes, then you can go for an idea of inflatable house that possess sectional and cellular design. The design is integrated through zips. Side zips contains ventilation system that makes the interior a suitable living space. This concept facilitates ample light and shed facility as well. The plugging panels provide the convenience for entrance and exit.

Cristal Bubble

The bubble tree design is a structure for nights where a translucent membrane is given the shape of hut or house. A bubble of this membrane seems like a magic or dream space. This bubble tree facilitates ultimate landscape and does not incorporate any wall within itself. The installation of such bubble tree design fabulously makes it possible to run an exhibition, conference or product promotion kind of occasions. Accommodation, foodstuff, bed and other facilities make it an ultimate, distinguished and unusual experience.

Kiss the frog

The New National museum of Art, Architecture and Design has commenced its first project with the concept of provisional art pavilion. There is a story behind the title or name of this project in which a prince was ensnared within the structure of a frog. After kissing that ensnare, the prince got his real face. The whole endeavor was to create interest among the citizens for artistic events. The celebration was an indirect appeal for integrity and in this way, a holistic design resolution was found. Thus, the National Museum was given a new future. The design structure of the project contains one main and three emergency exits. The covering was constructed through PVC interlace and fire retardant coating. The inside is wisely coated with white color that is used as a projection screen. The frog’s structure has given quite enough area of floor. A great work is done for a proper arrangement of dimensions.

Life Cube inflatable home

The life cube is another provision while executing relief operations for a temporary survival. This arrangement of mini home incorporates all imperative tools and stuff that are essential for living. For building such temporary cubical home, its corners are turned to make a pedestal. This is arranged in a way that the pedestal remains a bit above the floor. It is water and fire proof structure that is adorned by couch and other decors. It is powered by solar electric system and is outfitted with food-stuff, drinking water, medical and some entertainment facilities.

Lacy Inflatable Mobile Pavilion

The lacy inflatable mobile temporary arrangement is established with some basic units like hot-air or helium filled membrane, prism towers and scaffoldings. This pavilion can be extended and can be set up in parking or unwrapped ground. The membrane is made of UV layer, inflatable beams and waterproof layer. It is absolutely transparent and its features give entrance to the sunlight. It can molded into numerous variations for the pavilion. With the help of extendable scaffold, membrane is used as a covering material. Scaffold is covered through a waterproof canvas and is used to form a box that is known as prism. It is used as storage place for tools and equipments. Some other basic elements include lace, patches, crochet and quilts. The towers are well adaptable and stationary for any sort of land. The entire arrangement and structure facilitate projection screen also.

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