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Housing of the people, for the people, by the people

by threeartadmin

Natto’s mission is to provide future generations with an entirely new outlook on housing and lifestyle which aims to break free from the shackles of contemporary housing and traditional carry forwards. “Egalitarian” or classless is the chief appeal behind the entire approach. Natto’s design revolves around the premise that in society, everyone must be permitted to occupy a roof and none should be homeless. An entire do away with social differences is hoped, accompanied by zero prejudice towards disabilities by virtue of age.

Modern hosing

The time is right for a shift in what is “acceptable” to what is “desirable.” Single world citizenship where people are just people and not countrymen beckons an ever disintegrating society. An impassiveness towards materialism and the hope of enveloping the entire world in one single flag is much coveted by the personified being of falling human value.

Natto has conceived a way to morph housing into a purchasable product line which is ever available for purchase and occupy. The concept also aims to facilitate customization in that the occupant may even choose the city of residence. In a way housing breaks down into something as simple as a laptop, an essential accessory that you carry around wherever you go. Natto calls it “sensitive housing.” A housing which is a shelter of beings and not a fort ostentation.

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