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House of hope for the vagrant people of Haiti

by threeartadmin

The continuous environmental havoc of Haiti has brought lots of pain and suffering and has left people homeless. Homes are completely wrecked and the worst part is that there is no infrastructure to rebuild the lost. Though many rehabilitation programs have been started over the past few years, none had the capacity for growth and permanent security. The aim of the project that we are going to discuss here is to provide a secure and reliable housing in earthquake prone countries like this.

Haiti Recovery

The plan was implemented by giving full freedom for the constructor to customize their own floor plan along with the walls materials. The only thing that is mandatory is to use earthquake and weatherproof materials. The model is projected on a concrete foundation and built around a frame with plywood walls. The roof is constructed using corrugated steel. The whole setup has been designed to provide stability, security and aesthetically attractive features. There is no scope of windows in the whole setup and the doors are sliding in nature. These sliding doors serve the purpose of windows as they let outside air pass through the entire house and can be shut when needed.

Huge entrance way has been provided to let residents stay relaxed, welcome visitors and keep a watch on the children. High ceilings and insulated roof maintain calm and comfortable temperature inside the house during the coldest as well as the hottest of days. Though the structure seems to be quite simple, concrete foundation and steel frame support the stability of the structure in earthquakes, hurricanes and other climatic disasters. The structure is more or less influenced by usual Haitian homes and is open to alteration by the homeowners. The residents can upgrade the house by adding extra rooms or even the floor by simply adding newer and better walls on the desired side of the frame.

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