Housing of the people, for the people, by the people

Natto’s mission is to provide future generations with an entirely new outlook on housing and lifestyle which aims to break free from the shackles of contemporary housing and traditional carry forwards. “Egalitarian” or classless is the chief appeal

House of hope for the vagrant people of Haiti

The continuous environmental havoc of Haiti has brought lots of pain and suffering and has left people homeless. Homes are completely wrecked and the worst part is that there is no infrastructure to rebuild the lost. Though many rehabilitation programs ha

GABE provides instant shelter to the homeless in crisis

Zoe Axelrod, a US based environmental designer has come up with an innovative idea to provide shelter relief to people in emergency situations. The project has been named as GABE and was designed for a mock disaster in Mexico city. The project is highly a

Bubble homes offer a sparkling retreat to modern nomads

With innovative creations and constructions going on all around the world, designers are coming up with novel ideas and sustainable designs for luxurious living. Everyone loves camping and traveling but the fear of wild animals, unfamiliar province an

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