Hobbit Hole Playhouse would surely fascinate fans of The Lord of the Rings

Fans of Lord of the Rings probably dream of owning a prop or replica from the franchise. The book and the movie picture a fantastic image of the world leading some to yearn for a piece of the fantasy land. Most fans may prefer the gold ring or in some cases Sauron’s eye. What about a Hobbit Hole that can double as a secluded private spot? Wooden Wonders have created a Hobbit Hole mini house for “Lord of the Rings” fans to enjoy some privacy, away from their outside troubles.

Hole Playhouse

Of average size, the mini-house has an angular shape with all the facets of a regular house, namely a titled roof and wooden paneling. The distinctive features of the house are its arc shaped front, curved roof walls, round windows and a specially designed round door. The screen windows are fitted with plexiglass allowing for a lovely view. Additional features include a pressure applied floor system, cedar framing and a urethane-coated sanded plywood floor.

Opening the door reveals a cozy little space for fans to indulge in their favorite activities. The mini house’s interior height is 6’3 inches and offers about 50 square feet of floor space. Its framework is painted in bright colors like light purple and red. Though the Hobbit Hole playhouse is attractive, it is not something usually bought for kids for $3K. Usually for that price, you get a playhouse with extra features like attached slides. Moreover, most children would prefer playhouses that are enriched with more vibrant colors and are carved into interesting shapes.

The Hobbit Hole playhouse is more suited to fans of Lord of The Rings as small kids will not really see the appeal of Hobbits, considering there are far superior looking playhouses that will satisfy their active imaginations.

Via: Geekologie


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