High speed West Kowloon Terminus to link Hong Kong and China

Designer Andrew Bromberg has won the most prestigious Best Futura Mega Project at the MIPIM Awards for the year 2012, with the West Kowloon Terminus. This will run from Hong Kong to Beijing and will be the largest rail network in history. It will comprise of custom and migration controls, which will make the station work just .

West Kowloon Terminus

The speedy rail terminus station will be located in the heart of Hong Kong and will comprise of fifteen tracks spread on 4,30,000 square feet area, making it the largest underground terminus all across the globe. The station will be well connected to its urban surroundings that will give a glimpse of the city’s character. It will be constructed in a way that unfurls great views of the city’s central skyline as well as Victoria Peak amongst other things. This innovative idea will give a good glimpse about the city to arriving and departing passengers.

The West Kowloon Terminus will surprisingly not only have immigration domains for the host country, but also for the other country which is not a regular thing. The terminus will comprise of both long haul trains as well as commuter trains. The top of the station will swap into a green roofscape, which will grace the overall designing further.

Via: E-architect

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