‘Happiness Refill’ Coca Cola fountain dispenses internet access rather than soda

For data-thirsty passersby, an ice-cold Coke isn’t enough to quench their thirst. Accepting this reality, the Coca-Cola store on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro has fashioned a soda machine that dispenses free mobile internet access as a replacement for beverages. Christened as the Happiness Refill, this modern looking soda machine provides internet credit for internet savvy. This dispenser gives cellphone users data credit enabling them to browse the internet. Soda Fountains Dispense Free Mobile Internet Access

The project was designed keeping in mind Brazil’s young, rising middle class consumers who love internet surfing but cannot afford a liberal data plan. It was found out that around 80 percent of this target group used prepaid phone. To serve these prepaid users, the county offers very few Wi-Fi hot spots and taking advantage of the fact, Coca Cola designed this dispenser.

The dispenser in bright red and white is an open air kiosk at the Coke store. Using this dispenser is quite easy. You just have to hold your cellphone up to the dispenser and data gets credited and a Coke browser is downloaded. To make the process simple, the dispenser has been provided with just three buttons namely, Coke FM radio to listen to the music, social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and Weather forecast to facilitate Rio de Janeiro beachfront.

What Coke is calling as “20 liters of happiness” in actual means 20 megabytes of “refill” that would last for two weeks for a moderate user! This new style of the brand to keep younger generation connected every minute of the day would definitely bring “happiness” which is a synonym of “being connected” for them. Presently, the dispenser is being tested for 50 users with Android handsets and company is hoping to install more machines for other smartphones as well.

Via: Gizmodo

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