Handmade chess set of natural material

Nick, one of the woodworkers and shop owner in Florida, United States has designed a rustic chess set made of natural raw material that is eye pleasing and an elegant piece of modern woodwork. The designer creates one piece at a time and uses varied colors according to the preference of the buyers. It takes around twenty eight to thirty two hours to make a single chess set and the designer does all the work on his own.

Formed by quadruple weighting

Handmade chess set (3)

The initial step includes gathering all the natural raw material and then designer carves every single piece from the branch of a tree. After having carved the structures, the bottom is made hollow by scooping the wood from inside using specific tools. Once the hollow design is ready, it is filled with lead weights depending upon the size of the piece. The weight can range from ½ ounce to 5 ounces and now the piece becomes four times heavier than the actual weight of wood. This process is termed as quadruple weighting that takes time and requires a lot of patience along with constant hard work. Furthermore, curing and sealing of wood used in the chess set is done through several processes that increase the life of the set.

Material required in constructing the set

Handmade chess set (2)

The natural raw material used in making the chess set includes tree branches of cedar, oak, poplar, slash pine, walnut, orange, river birch, cypress, maple, decayed oak, peppercorn and bottlebrush. All the material is used together except the cedar twigs that come in use at last.

The handmade natural chess set is an elegant piece of woodwork available in different size and colors. You can opt for a layaway option for five months and pay one equal payment every month.

Source : Etsy.Com

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