Greek Goddess of the Dawn brought to life in stunning metallic sculpture

If you’re a sucker for scary metallic sculptures based on ancient mythology, then you’re going to simply love this awesome Eos sculpture created by Corey Collins a metal artist. Eos is the Greek goddess of daybreak or dawn though the sculpture is distinctly “darker” in its outlook. The sculpture was made using a range of metals like cast iron, sterling silver, galvanized stainless steel as well as galvanized tin which came in the form of miscellaneous metal parts and pieces, old coffee cans, nails and screws, bolts, propane bottles, thermoses, horse shoes, tractor and motorcycle parts, RR spikes, old scissors, tools, plow blades, watches, hatchets, locks, radiators caps and even leaf springs sourced from a 1953 Dodge Ambulance.

Eos - Greek Goddess of the Dawn

To create the create wings and hair on the life-size sculpture, over 200 pieces of flatware were used. The dissembling sculpture can be transported and stored in two parts though as a whole it measures 30 inched from feet to knees and has a wingspan of 88 inches.

The fab piece of art is retailed by Florence, Colorado-based Nan Sullivan who owns the Etsy shop named the The Pink Sink. The sculpture sells for $8,700 though you’d have to shell out another $1,500 for shipping and handling.

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