Ganymed-Autonomous surgery table

Karsten Kueber designed Ganymed, a self-governing intelligent surgery table as well as a smart invention for transporting patients. Being an autonomous patient mobility system, the smart invention has made many tasks of people staying in the hospital simple and easy. The table is designed with the special support system that helps the patients to sit, stand and reposition themselves in an efficient manner.    

Works on the Principal of Segway

Ganymed-Autonomous surgery table (1)

Constructing Ganymed was a challenge but the designer derived inspiration from Segway principal that works with the help of gyroscopes and tilt sensors thereby maintaining balance of the system. Ganymed has a sensor in between the wheels that detects the way and avoids any kind of collisions. The main purpose to develop Ganymed is to provide a fast transport facility in emergencies occurring in the hospitals.

Main features

Ganymed has a robot arm that helps the patient to carry out several activities which, they cannot manage doing on their own. The robot arms make the patient lie comfortably at different height adjustments may be while resting or doing surgeries. Moreover, it provides support to physically weak people to stand with the help of a pedestal and sit in a comfortable position through automatic mechanical suspension. This smart table has different segments, each of which has an important role to play. To avoid bedsores caused by prolonged sleeping positions, Ganymed is equipped with special ergonomic resting cushions that contain gel packs and separate movable pads in order to comfort the body parts. Furthermore, these cushions have plates with docking rails on its lower side that enables an easy transport.

Ganymed based on the Segway technique requires no personal assistance. The self-sufficient transport system works efficiently in times of surgery, being easily adjustable and while providing physical support to the patients.

Source : Behance.Net

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