Gansevoort Marine Transfer Station blends innovative engineering with architectural designing

Dumping grounds mostly come tagged with an ugly look, the reason why these are positioned on the outskirts of city area. Nicole Robertson and Richard Garber from GRO Architects have come up with the Gansevoort Marine Transfer Station and Environmental Center that will handle the ever increasing quantities of recyclable materials, which includes glass, plastic and metal. This will make the city space all the more proficient when it comes to handling large amounts of materials that can be recycled later.

Gansevoort Marine Transfer Station

The roof of this amazing construction will attract migratory birds and will also shelter the dumping area in an eye appealing manner. The roof has been given an undulating form, which will put on show the overall the process and transfer of recyclable materials from the trucks to the barge. This will in turn unfurl an educational experience that will encourage people to recycle things and not throw them without thinking much.

The design is such that will make transferring recyclable stuff from the truck to the barge pretty smooth. The trucks won’t block the streets as a dumping schedule will be implemented to make sure that a specific number of trucks queue up at a time. This will also keep a check on noise and air pollution, while keeping the neighboring area in a pristine state. The surrounding area of the dumping ground will see a lot of greenery in the form of various kinds of plants giving it a serene and fresh appearance.

Via: Sucker Punch Daily

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