Make your business a runner line ‘Renner’

Gadgets are a good source of leisure and diversion. You can play games, surf the web, make audio and video calls, get creative and so forth. But now there’s a new dimension to your “digital pals.” Apparently a Brazilin Enterprise by the name of Renn

Snooze Cube: A perfect gift to wake you up while traveling

Waking up early in the morning is one thing that most of us are very reluctant to do. We are always looking forward to those last five minutes of sleep every day, even after the clock has struck the morning alarm we usually hit the snooze button and tend

The Scooba 390 is an intelligent robot for wet cleaning

Vacuum cleaners made cleaning dirt easier but washing floors remained a pain until iRobot announced the Scooba 230, a washing floor robot that was revealed in January 2011. The design was a modification of its previously designed vacuuming bots of Roomba

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