Floating Olympic Lanes to ease traffic congestion during 2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympics is about to get another piece of recognition with plans to come up with Floating Olympic Lanes, which will be constructed on the very famous Thames River. The plan was unveiled by London Mayor Boris Johnson and has been designed by Dowling Jones and Stone, a studio based in London.

Floating Olympic Lanes

The emergency plans to come up with such a design have come up just to make sure that traffic remains under control and moves smoothly during the games this summer. The Olympic lanes and other traffic plans have fetched heavy criticism, which forced the Mayor to unveil a plan like this in a hurry. These floating lanes are being designed specially to be used by official cars that will run during Olympics. The structure will be of a temporary nature and will be made at an expense of a whopping £12 million.

The floating bridge will have an access junction at the Tower Bridge, which is a world famous 118 year old structure. This will be responsible for allowing an easy access to the river road, which will fetch a lot of attention once it is completed. The access junction will stretch from Wandsworth to Limehouse and will be a beautiful sight as it moves along the water. London has been thrown with transport challenges and the Floating Olympic Lanes is a great way to keep traffic flowing.

Via: Dezeen

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