Flex mini cruiser makes skateboarding much more effortless

The Flex mini cruiser is a brand new skateboard that is crafted out of sustainable materials and offers users great comfort both on the street as well as dedicated parks and circuits. The board is created to offer users a more direct steering experience, while its slightly concave surface ensures rider safety without negatively affecting the flex.

Mini Cruiser

The composite construction of the Flex skateboard ensures that it has a long life even with the most hardcore usage. Two layers of epoxy-impregnated bamboo veneer and fiberglass encase four layers of composite Canadian maple, which allows the surface of the board to remain sturdy enough for optimum usage as well as soft enough to optimize its ergonomics for the boarder.

Mini Cruiser

To ensure that the board has no asymmetric side loads on the bearings when cornering, the wheels come with closely fitted bearings. The medium soft high rebound bushings on the board allow easy turning and quick recovery, and they also support and complement the steering geometry of the board as well.

Using precise manufacturing methods, 4″ (102 mm) STER RADIO trucks were developed specifically for this mini cruiser and the board also comes with 8 mm axle pins that provide a much freer level of rotation for the ball bearing seat. The Flex mini cruiser skateboard retails for €169.90.

Via: Wefunk

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