Five of the craziest Asian products launched recently

Asian scientists seem to have a wacky sense of humor. They always manage to surprise us with their useful, innovative yet weird tech products. Technology is now being used in every aspect of our life. You can virtually perform any chore with technology or a gadget. Consumers are looking for suitable appliances for getting tricky tasks done. Maybe the rise in demand for better and more user-friendly gadgets have inspired Asian tech innovators to create weirdly useful gadgets. Five of the most bizarre products of Asian origin have been listed below.


USB heated leg warmers:

One of the strangest Asian tech innovations is the USB powered leg warmers that will keep your legs warm in a cold and windy day. A carbon heater is used for producing heat for your legs. Japanese company Thanko has invented the new wearable leg warmers that can be comfortable but definitely not fashionable.

Legwarmers wear last worn in the 90s and they have not made a fashion comeback yet. If you are planning to buy a pair of these then be cautious not to get caught by the fashion police. A big problem with the leg warmers is that they have to be plugged into your computer at all times.


Edible rice cracker iPhone cover:

It cannot get weirder than this. An iPhone cover in the form of an edible rice cracker. Seriously, who first thought of a product like this? The Edible rice cracker iPhone cover belongs to Japan. It will cost you a steep $85. Well, if you are a rice crispy fanatic and do not mind eating them dipped in pocket lint then go ahead.


Tiny iPhone/ iPad screen cleaning robot:

Takara Tomy has marketed a tiny robot that cleans your iPad and iPhone screens. One problem with the touch screen devices is that they get grimy and dirty with so much touching.

We cannot clean them properly with just a piece of cloth. The Auto Mee S mini robot works swiftly and looks cute. It will cost you something around $21.


The infidelity phone:

If you have the roving eyes syndrome and want to enjoy some extra-marital fun put your money in the Fujitsu F-series flip phones.

They may look like any other flip phone but has a special feature suitable for the adulterers. It hides your private contacts and does not show emails, calls or texts from them. Just a subtle change in the battery sign or symbol of antenna will tell you that your secret lover has texted or called.


Sleeping device:

This tech device relies on the goodness of heart of people. A Japanese man has invented the sleeping device for sleeping in trains. It shows exactly in which station you will be getting down with the hope that other passengers will wake the wearer up.


Some of the Asian gadgets are not just funny but also weird. They perform bizarre tasks that may stun you into disbelief.

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