Five innovative student housing units

Most of us tend to shun away from student housing facilities, fearing cubicle sized rooms and windowless blocks. However, here are five fantastic student housing designs that would make your think twice before considering these units to be cold and mean.


The Free University of Urbino, Italy

Located just a kilometer away from the walls of the old city, the Free University of Urbino’s residence quarters is anything but amazing. Designed by famed Italian architect Giancarlo de Carlo, the individual flats are spread out like a fan, and would be able to accommodate over 1500 students. Each room would have its own outdoor terrace that would connect with the roof of the room in the next level below. Individual rows of houses are also connected via tubular walkways, allowing students easy accessibility over the entire structure.


The Norfolk Terrace, UEA
Located on the grounds of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, the Norfolk Terrace was designed by Denys Lasdun, and sits on a rolling green landscape, with the individual areas jutting out like rocky outcrops. The rooms and halls can be accessed via a raised street situated right opposite to the teaching blocks. Each level is interlocked with the level below it as well, and houses around 12 study bedrooms, a breakfast cum kitchen room, bathrooms and service rooms.


The Tietgen Student Halls, Orestad

Designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg, the Tietgen Student Halls are located in Orestad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and resemble a cog in their collective appearance. The structure is seven stories high, is designed like a vertical village, and houses several student rooms, kitchens and living rooms. The individual rooms face outward while the common service rooms, bathrooms and breakfast rooms face inwards. And while the facades are covered in oak and copper, the interiors are decorated with bright and colorful furniture and furnishings.


The Olympic Student Village, Munich

Designed by BogevischsBuro, the Olympic Student Village is more noted for its women athlete’s village comprising of over 800 modest bungalows connected by two meter wide pedestrian alleyways. The individual bungalows contain a mezzanine bed level leading to a roof terrace, and a low lying worktop that can extend across the entire width of the room. Permission to paint the houses has also caused the village to look like a burst of lively colors and murals.


The Florey Building, Oxford

Located on the grounds of the Queen’s College in Oxford in the UK, the Florey Building was designed by James Stirling, and is considered as one of the most innovative student housing units till date. The entire structure sits atop concrete legs by the river, and houses individual housing units that come with full height windows, and a cloister space below for social gatherings.


We have come across some of the most creative student housing designs in recent times, which would definitely appeal to students, and can be easily considered as the next best thing in student housing design concepts.

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