Five innovative candle design concepts

Candles represent a function of everyday life as they are used by all in almost every aspect. Be it for providing light in dark or for a romantic candle light dinner, they are multipurpose entities. This multipurpose use of candles has also given rise to different shapes and sizes. Let us have a look at five of these innovative candle designs.


  • Dynamite and Bomb shaped candles

In the Russian shop named Mystake, a design of candles in the shape of dynamite and bomb has come up. These are termed as ‘notmy’ candles. The thread of candles has been cleverly disguised to resemble the cables or threads of the dynamite or the bombs.

This concept serves excellently to create a bit of innovation in addition to using the candles for daily use. For those who prefer to scare their near and dear ones or just like to have some fun, the dynamite and bomb shaped candles serve as a good example.


  • Egg shaped candles

Another creative innovation has been the use of egg shaped candles. These candles have their thread inside the shape of an egg. The translucent structure of an egg coupled with the white color on the outside; provide an excellent basis for making a candle replica.

The egg shaped candles have their thread inside the egg structure. However, to make the design even more eye-catching, bright yellow color resembling egg yolk appears when candle burns!


  • Traffic cone candles

You must have seen traffic cones on the roadside for regulating traffic and giving parking instructions. However, cone shaped candles are also available. The design is just like a traffic cone with the thread on top of the triangle.


  • Human body candles

To take the innovation approach further, human body candles have also been designed consisting of paraffin and wax. The human body is on the outside and the candle burns on the inside when lit, providing for a magnificent sight!


  • Beer scented candle

This type of candle is made out of fully concentrated beer scent, making authentic beer smell come out when the candle burns. A true treat for any beer loving enthusiasts!

These are just some of the approaches designed and there are various other innovative approaches to candle making. Candles represent everyday life and the best way to design them is to incorporate this aspect of daily life into the design purpose.

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