Five cool yet crazy shoe designs

It is every shoe designer’s desire in coming up with shoe designs that are both beautiful and novel. A few of these designers however in the process to create something unique have focused excessively on the novel parts thereby neglecting the wonderful aspects. Although their creations are truly unique but you have to be courageous for being noticed wearing any of these crazy shoes while out of your abode. Crazy designed shoes are available in plenty. Here is a list of five of the craziest designs, which include:


LEGO stilettos:

Have you ever imagined or thought of LEGO stilettos? Finn Stone, a British artist as well as a well-known modern product design visionary has become up with these colourful play shoes. Beware to slip them on as you will certainly have children and may be a couple of adults too at your feet.


Alice in wonderland inspired shoes:

We have grown up watching Alice in Wonderland and were inspired by her dress, ribbons or shoes. Inspired by this television series, designer Nicholas Kirkwood has come up with a pair of intricately designed heels. These shoes are certainly fun and eye-catching but may not be amongst the most functional.


Leopard high heel shoes:

Animal print shoes generally look trendy. Girls try them to experience a wild look. Leopard print is the most common and these are available in several styles ranging from high heels, pumps, and boots to sandals that give a contemporary and daring look. However, not all are up to the mark. The leopard high heel 8 inch shoes are one such example. You will indeed feel akin to a real cougar by wearing these.


Crazy cat lady high heels:

Kobi Levi renowned shoe designer has designed a wide array of crazy shoes that are funny yet highly elegant heels that make women wearing these feel graceful as they stand out from the mob. But his crazy cat lady high heel shoes are really crazy. In fact, you do not require in being crazy to find this design appealing. This is called the Miao shoes. The pair of shoes, designed by the Israeli fashion designer, looks like stretching cats while the collars and bells are nice accents.


Sandcastle tower erection high heels:

French designer cum performer Igor Dewe, who holds a degree in pattern drafting and fashion design, certainly possesses a knack for uniqueness and originality. However, his creation the sandcastle tower erection high heels are crazy. Dewe is amongst the most cheeky shoe artist who creates hilarious footwear.


We have indeed noticed our fair share of unique, crazy shoe fashion trends, yet a few stand out amongst others. Few designers can get wild with their footwear collections, yet these styles are taking fashion forward to an unbelievably completely new level. These are some wacky shoe designs that will surely push your imagination.

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