Five cool and handy inventions

This is the era of dynamism and technology. With the boom of innovative gadgets and devices, our life has become inevitably easier and comfortable.  The excitement quotient that comes with this gadget is something unparalleled and the creative concept designs that keep emerging promise us of breakthrough creations.  Here are five such innovative gadgets:


Two Way Doors

The ERGON door mounting system is an innovative creation that permits the door to be opened on either sides or directions by using a simple push.  This creative door mounting system would require half the space to open when compared to ordinary doors and are the perfect design for smaller sized apartments




The bottle holder also known as the Bottleclip is a very simple and cheap invention that can simply snap on to any standard men’s bike.  Most types of bottles can be hooked on to the clip with the help of a screw.  This cheap bottle holder does not exclusively cater to the professional cyclists but even to the elderly who would want more water handy.  This device is easy to install.


Laser Guided Scissors

These pair of scissors has an inbuilt laser that would help you get those perfect straight cuts in fabric and paper.  You can use this either when working at home or at the office.  This is a handy tool for those who struggle to cut in a straight fashion but end up with uneven ends.  These scissors can also be used for hair cutting.

stair drawers

Staircase Drawers

Each step in the Staircase Drawers doubles up as a storage compartment.  This is a fabulous idea that helps to conserve space and make the most out of limited apartment area.  This brilliant staircase and drawer solution is perfect for small homes and can help homes get rid of clutter.


K-wine Food Plates

These plates have a twist when compared to traditional plates- the K-wine food plate has a wine glass holder.  The best part about the design of this plate is that even if your glass is full, the plate would be balanced perfectly.  Many a times at a party, the food is served while standing.  It often seems impossible to eat when you have a plate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  The K-wine food plate is an elegant solution that permits movement and lifts the restrictions.


Innovative designs, gadgets and inventions truly make our lives easier.  Brainwork of genius creators looking to make affordable solutions, these innovations provide respite from certain issues that have been continuing from the past many years.  These creations are very handy, affordable and appeal to the masses.

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