Five bizarre beauty objects hard to ignore

How about using a straightener for nose or using a gadget to thin your body hair? Sounds crazy and weird? Well then, take a look at these products for these are surely going to stun you.

Mudage Jolie Body Hair Thinner

This one’s a beauty gadget meant especially for men who do not want to get rid of body hair and yet impress their girls. All you need to do is use this gadget on areas where you want the hair to thin down. Surprisingly, you also have an option to comb hair that needs to be thin. Absolutely easy & safe to use, this body hair thinner comes for $ 29. You can use this product on arms & legs, chest and armpit too. Weighing only 20 grams, the body hair thinner measures approximately 45 x 148 x 10 mm.

hana-tsun-nose-straightener-1 mejikara-anti-wrinkle-glasses-1 Mudage-Jolie-Body-Hair-Thinner1 Neck-Traction

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener

It is a Japanese Product that actually promises to straighten your nose. You need to clip it into the nostrils and keep it for about 20 minutes every day. What it does is that it helps in pushing & balancing the bones & contours of one’s nose. So what’s the end result? A straighter, sharper, and stylish nose. Made from polypropylene and silicone, this nose straightener is priced at $51.

Anti Wrinkle Glasses

Worried about wrinkles that have started popping up on your face? The Mejikara, or better known as the Anti Wrinkle Glasses, are the ultimate answer to your wrinkle problems. Wearing these glasses for about five minutes in a day helps remove the wrinkles near the eyes and also makes you look more charming & younger. What’s so special about these glasses? Well, these consist of expertly-crafted ridges that help massage your skin.


Nails Dryer

It’s very simple to use this beauty gadget. Once you are done with nail painting, you need to keep your fingers under the tiny tubes and start using the pump with other hand. The tubes emit air which helps dry your nails faster.

Neck Stretcher

Does your chin touch the collar bone? Then, consider this neck stretcher that comes for about $26 or 3000 Yen. Wrap it around your neck and start pumping the air. What happens is that the air pressure elongates the back of your neck completely. And, it’s quite comforting too.




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