Eight Ferrari-inspired designs for F1 enthusiasts

Ferrari-inspired designs

Ferrari-inspired designs

A black Prancing horse, the Yellow shield, the Italian flag, a bright red menacing beast ready to tame the roads, these are the images that pop into one’s head with the name Ferrari. This Italian automotive giant have always been successful in capturing the imaginations of every man for ages. However ,Ferrari in the recent years have also been producing several in-house accessories both independently and with collaboration with other companies. If you love to even just look at the Ferrari and if you are one among the many who love your car more than your girlfriend/boyfriend, then you will certainly love to have a couple of these cool accessories.

1. Ferrari F40 office desk

Ferrari F40 office desk

An aluminum painted frame by Rosso Corsa, Carbon fiber railings, a floating glass top and a center mounted wire access hole from the dash vent of the actual F40, all these make up the elegantly designed Ferrari F40 office desk, meant to capture the imagination of all racing enthusiasts. The desk which comes at a price of $7500 also includes a custom color of your choice which u can match with your liking.

2. Ferrari Kitchen

Ferrari Kitchen

The Ferrari luxury kitchen designed by a Luxembourg based company called Kitchenconcept is keen on setting up every average home with some element of Ferrari, with its intricately designed fiery red panels with a sleek and sexy appeal that the Ferrari curves are known for. The lavish kitchen consists of a S-shaped island with a sink at its center and on the back drop one can find a tall storage, wall fitted oven units and also an electric cooktop to satisfy all your gastronomical cravings.

3. F1 Chair


Molded fiber glass, chrome legs, an upholstered adjustable head rest, all made to imitate an F1 car. A design by Bulgarian interior designer Alexander Christoff is bound to make all racing enthusiasts speechless. Although the price of this rather priceless accessory is not yet known this chair is like a dream come true to all F1 enthusiasts who can now sit back and enjoy a race and feel like they themselves are driving one of the beauties.

4. Ferrari Espresso Machine

Ferrari Espresso Machine

Ilar Rustamov is the designer of this stylish new Espresso machine brought to you by Ferrari and Nespresso. This lavish new Espresso machine which looks pretty much like a helmet is named as ‘The Racepresso’ made to cater to all Ferrari fans who also love to sip on a nice hot cup of Espresso while watching your favorite team burn some rubber on the tracks.

5. Ferrari-Acer Smartphone

Ferrari-Acer Smartphone

3.5 inch touch screen, 5Mp camera and a snapdragon processor all packed into one unique combination of Ferrari and Acer and you get an incredibly high performing cell phone. Just the thing you can expect from the best in the racing business. The bright red and the yellow shield with the prancing horse are etched on a carbon fiber strip and if that was not enough one can also find that the microphone is designed in just the same way as an air intake type used in the formula 1 car. This and many more features wall papers and ringtones would definitely capture the imagination of racing enthusiasts round the world for years to come. Although you can be sure to shell out quite a lot of bucks to get one of these in your pocket.

6. Ferrari Unica Home Gym

Ferrari Unica Home Gym

As we all know very well that Ferrari is not all about looks its more about the muscle, here’s something you can use to raise yourself up to the Ferrari standards and put some meat on those bones. The brand new Ferrari Unica Home Gym brightly colored in red and fully equipped with beige leather seats and cushions is something you would love to work out on and that is not only because you have the prancing horse etched all round you but also because this machine has some brains built to it. It includes a personalized key card with your training data and also your training plan and schedule already installed and ready to use even before you set it up in your bedroom all thanks to wellness mate computer. This will cost you well over $17,000 to own one.

7. Alfredo Ferrari Table

Alfredo Ferrari Table

The Alfredo Ferrari table is actually a tribute to Alfredo Ferrari son of Enzo Ferrari. Designed by Adam Krehbiel of Veraseri designs this table is 100 percent handcrafted with red Fir. The table is priced around $22,000 and all the proceeds are meant to go to Duchenne muscular dystrophy research so that we may live to see a day when no man would ever again suffer from this form of genetic condition.

8. Ferrari World Theme Park

Ferrari World Theme Park

The Ferrari World Theme Park situated at the middle eastern city of Abu-Dhabi is the only theme park in the world to be built and named after an automotive manufacturer. This theme park is the world’s largest indoor theme park and the first of its kind in the middle east, with major attractions being a roller coaster claimed to be the world’s fastest and also a tall tower that stands for only one purpose, i.e., to create a unique experience of simulating conditions similar to a F1 car’s cockpit. This park is a must go to for all the racing enthusiasts around the world.

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