EYE experience capture system captures extreme sports moments with ease

Capturing moments in extreme sports and providing a first-person perspective in such activities is one of the most difficult tasks today. Though the technology to make this possible currently exists, wearable cameras on offer in the market at the moment are bulky and heavy and limit the range of the wearer’s movements. The EYE experience capture system by designer Nickolas Ovvadias looks to eliminate some of the limitations that the current lot of wearable cameras come with and provides a hands-free image capture experience even in the most unusual circumstances.


The ‘eye’ wearable digital device is essentially a hands-free camera that can capture everyday images in a very intuitive way. The easy-to-use camera lets user capture everyday experiences and random moments. The camera allows the ‘eye’ to create a sequence of images and sounds together which allows these visual and auditory cues to recreate the captured moments more vividly for viewers.

The rechargeable battery-run ‘eye’ can be programmed to take photos at random moments with the frequency of the shutter clicks being specified by the user in advance. The fish eye lens used in the device lets the camera capture panoramic views. Each shot thus provides a full first person perspective of the experience making it a handy tool for situations where taking pictures using a handheld device would be impossible.

When the ‘eye’ snaps a picture, a 6-second-long sound sample is also recorded at the alongside to offer a more real-to-life experience for viewers. The device can be synced with a smartphone or even connected to a computer via wireless Bluetooth to manipulate the image capture and sound recording settings. Once shot, every set of images can be saved in a single file and archived or shared with friends over social media platforms.

The device can be used in many ways – the user can wear it as necklace or clip to their backpacks, bags or clothes to get different perspectives for their images. When the device is worn around the neck, it can be preset to capture a certain number of pictures per hour. The user can also take instant, single pictures with the device like a handheld camera by pushing of the right shutter release button.

The users can also attach the ‘eye’ to their clothes to capture picture while in motion. It can be extremely useful for adventure sports enthusiasts and extreme sportsperson who otherwise need to have a dedicated camera crew follow them around or need to wear bulky and heavy cameras on their person to capture images in extreme conditions.

Via: Coroflot

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