Extraordinary concept bridges that highlight what the urban landscape could be

Bridges have always been an important part of our modern construction, and more specifically they have been extremely helpful in this age of increased transportation and mobility. In fact, the history of bridge construction dates back to the history of human civilization. Bridge designs often spark the imagination, and as such can often be a favorite with designers and architects. Here we see some of the most interesting concepts and recent concepts for bridges.

Paik Nam Jun Media Bridge

Paik Nam Jun Media Bridge

This South Korean bridge is very unique and innovatively designed in that it is not just a bridge that serves to decrease the traffic but is a city in itself which is dynamically active. It holds in itself places like a museum, library, and IT offices. Designed for the Han River in Seoul, the bridge is designed such that it is covered entirely with solar panels that would serve as a platform for displaying art and videos. The bridge has been designed by Planning Korea.

Informal bridge city

Informal bridge city

This informal Bridge City has been designed by Ja Studio for Italy, and can be referred to as the city-in-a-bridge. The design was originally developed for a competition to creatively put to use a highway connecting Salerno and Reggio Calabria and aims at creating a new urban center on a pre existing infrastructure. The bridge aims to decrease the human impact on environment as well as provide the visitors with enchanting views.

UK’S tallest bridge

by Steohen Spence

The extremely amazing bridge design has been created by Steohen Spence for the River Wear in Sunderland and is about to be the tallest bridge in the UK with a height of more than 519 feet. The bridge contains two curved spirals placed to form a cross and supported by cables. The project has started construction and is expected to be done until 2015.

World’s Tallest Bridge

Designed by NYC firm FXFowle

Dubai is likely to be the proud owner of the world’s tallest bridge. Designed by NYC firm FXFowle, the longest and tallest arch bridge is under construction in Dubai at present. The amazing design is expected to have 12 passenger lanes, a dual rail track and a man-made island with an opera house.

Solar Wind Concept

wind turbine bridge

This concept bridge is designed to harness solar energy on an extensive scale. It is actually a wind turbine bridge with a grid of solar cells constructed within the road. If it becomes a reality, the bridge is expected to power more than 11,000 homes.

Living Bridge Towers

Living Bridge Towers

The living bridge towers by Nicola Marchi are designed to be above the Seine River in Paris. The designer aims to provide a new center of developments to the people. The bridge towers would have various facilities like recreation, cultural, residential and performing arts.


These mind blowing and highly fascinating bridges are not just bridges to cover distances but they are a complete organization that work at the development of human life.

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