Non Electronic City Information Center to encourage social interaction

A city information center plays a vital role when it comes to gaining insights about the area. Keeping this in mind, Pouya Bagheri from Melbourne, Australia, has come up with the Non-electronic City Information Center, which will prove to be beneficial for both residents as well tourists.

City Information Station

The design will blend perfectly with an urban set up and has been designed keeping in mind the social spaces present in Iran. It will prove to be a space where people can socialize as well as exchange information easily. The Non-electronic City Information Center, as the name suggests, has been designed in a way that will not need any computers or modern electronic gadgets to fetch information. Stress has been laid on presenting every piece of important information in a physical way, which includes printed graphics rather than digital or electronic versions that are ruling the globe at this point of time.

The design elements have fetched quite some inspiration from Persian motifs, which will give a very modern appeal to the overall design of the city information center. The top of the design has a sign/ symbol in colors green and yellow, which moves with the help of wind energy and not electricity. The vibrant colors attract attention and give the space an eye catching identity. This will help people interact with each other and exchange information. But, smart design of the information center will make sure no one sticks to the place for long just to make sure it doesn’t get crowded and create a hindrance for people walking by.

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