Eden self-watering pots keep plants hydrated and happy

Green plants enhance the home decor by adding life to a dull area. But in today’s busy life, have you ever thought of pots in which you do not even have to spend time watering?  Yes, it is possible now with the help of Eden self-watering pots. Besides giving natural aesthetic to your living space, these pots also provide sufficient water and nutrients to plants.

Orthex group

Eden self-watering pots (1)

Self-watering pots are a stylish and creative work by Orthex group, which is one of the leading and renowned manufacturers of household products in Nordic countries. Orthex group is a collaboration of various companies having the tradition of marketing, developing and producing good household products required in everyday life. Eden self-watering pots are another smart creation by the group for gardening enthusiasts.

Benefits of self-watering plants

Self-watering plants are beneficial as the water does not remain in the soil, but completely drains and accumulates in the bottom of the pot. This way it will improve growth of  roots and over all plants. At the same time, it ensures that the roots do not rot due to large amount of water and plants enjoy thorough access to water whenever needed. Plants can use water that you pour on them and some amount is stored in the water table at the bottom of the pot.

Since, the water is every time available to the plants; you have the benefit of missing a day without watering plants. Another benefit of self-watering plants is that fertilizers and nutrients can be used directly without dispersing elsewhere. The aim of manufacturing self-watering plants is to bring a stylish, vibrant garden into homes. This way home gardening and taking care of plants will become easier than ever before.

Source : PentagonDesign.Fi

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