Create ambient light with post modern looking Glint lamp

Ambient lighting has taken off as a spate aspect of interior design in a major way in the last two decades. People have moved much further along than the traditional candelabras and floor lamps to create a cozy lighting scheme within a room. Some of the more OCD of us also try and focus light on certain parts of the room to highlight an architectural aspect of a room or to flood a particular decorative with light to create a dazzling display. The Glint lamp is one such creation that allows users to create a stunning light ambiance using very little in terms of structure.


Glint lamp

Created for Galula by designers Gustavo Macedo and Filipa Mendes, the two-part design is very simple to look at though it can result in a spectacular light show. The lamp can be used to create a subtle ambiance or provide directional light. The angular metal structure of the lamp is offset with a single unattached bulb to maintain its relative simplicity and keep its overall look decluttered. The bulb’s cork socket also features a couple of magnets embedded in it to allow the user to position the light behind, below or above to create unique projection angles for the light.

The relatively simplicity of the lamp allows it to be used in a number of ways though even in its primary function the lamp can be employed in a number of stunning ways if you can find a clever way to keep the keep the annoying wire out of sight. The angled lines of the metal base also allow it to be used as book ends or a magazine holder which would allow you to read books at night. Although this use of the lamp would be not be highly recommended unless you use a lower power light bulb for it.

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