Seven cool and unique matchbox inspired designs

cool and unique matchbox inspired designs

There was a time when a matchbox was a vital item in any household. But with the passage of time, different new inventions took over and replaced matchsticks and matchboxes from our lives. Though now it seems that people have not really got over those little sticks and the boxes containing them as now various items of modern day are designed by drawing inspiration from those matchboxes. So read on and find more about seven such matchbox inspired unique designs:

1. Matchbox Cellphone

Matchbox Cellphone

Let us introduce you to the matchbox cellphone designed by Lv Zhongfang. This cellphone design is yet to be released in the market. Currently it is only a concept which promises to change the cellphone market for ever. Matchbox cellphone can be said to be a design on the edge. The designs assures that the cellphone would be amazingly small since the keypad of the cellphone glides inside the screen panel of the phone. One look at the square small appearance of the cellphone with the sliding in keypad would reveal to any person that the designer has drawn inspiration from a matchbox while creating this design.

2. Matchbox Light

Matchbox Light

When one speaks of lights we instantly imagine of a typical structure that removes darkness from a room. But today lights have a more crucial role to play than just providing light to eradicate darkness. There are some stunning designs of lights available with which you can make your home decor look classy, stylish and elegant. One such beautiful piece of lighting is this Matchbox light that is a class apart from the rest. The base of the light is made of wood while a linen used on the top of the wooden structure lends a flapping look to the light. The light that these matchbox lights diffuse is very soft and soothing which gives a very subtle and interesting look to your home interior.

3. Matchbook Business Card

Matchbook Business Card

Business cards are a part of business promotion and the purpose is obviously to draw attention to one’s business. For drawing eyeballs and catching attention typical business cards may not be sufficient any more and hence businessmen try to find out newer and interesting looks of business cards. One such interesting idea is a matchbox business card. These business cards are basically matchboxes with catchy and witty copy on them. They surely hold the attention of people not only for the appealing layout and copy but also because of the out-of the-box form.

4. Fritzi coffee table

Fritzi coffee table

Schulte Design has created this new range of coffee tables and have named it “Fritzi”. Fritzi in fact serves as more than just a coffee table. It can also function as a bedside table or a stool. However, the most enchanting factor in this table is its design which is inspired by a matchbox. The top of the table is sliding and hence resembles a matchbox. The table can be custom-made and the height, width and length can be made as per your choice and needs. This multifunctional piece of furniture would be an attractive addition to any home interior and would help to redefine the style quotient of the home decor.

5. Calendar made of matches

Calendar made of matches

Designer Yurko Gutsulyak designed this calendar for a company whose name and logo symbolize “energy”. Hence the need for something equally flammable to energy was required to represent the company and hence matchsticks were chosen for making these calendars. Each page of the calendar is a month the days of which are marked by real matchsticks. The look of the pages resembles that of a comb. Even if the use of real matchsticks has been made for making these calendars, there is no danger of any harm or accident because the matchsticks are covered in sulphur after they are dipped in a chemical solution and therefore are completely safe.

6. Match lighter

Match lighter

With these match lighters matchsticks have been reinvented. Each lighter looks like a single, big-sized matchstick as the make of these lighters has been designed by close observation of real matchsticks. This new gadget looks quite interesting in spite of being so similar to the age old, commonly seen and used matchsticks. This is a Japanese product and is expected to be available in other countries soon.

7. Matches leaves


Designer Cung – Young Chu has designed this matches leaves that are put together in the form of a flower and which burn into flames as soon as they are ripped apart from the base of the flowery design. Whether you use these matches leaves during a time of emergency need of fire or light, or you keep these as decor items in your home is up to you to choose and decide. All we can say is this design is surely a welcome re-return of the boring, ages-old matches.

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