Cool and creative nail clipper designs

When it comes to hygiene, cutting your nails at regular intervals is necessary. Thus, nail clippers have become an essential grooming must-have. These are ergonomically designed to make your job simpler. No matter whether you are an average human being or a beauty-obsessed person, one thing that we all do require is a basic trim.


Today, nail clippers have become a universal grooming necessity as akin to our tresses, our nail beds too continue to grow. People have been using this tiny tool for decades, but today it is available in far better designs and advanced forms.

Keeping in mind the various needs of customers, leading companies are coming up with nail clippers in variegated styles and models.

These have been specially designed to suffice the interests and needs of the grooming and beauty customers. The world comprises of unique personalities with each of you having unique bodies and features and so requires products for fitting your diversities.

Taking daily care of your body and hair is not sufficient. You should also attend the easy to forget and small areas in your body, such as the toenails and the fingernails. After all, such small parts do play a crucial role to protect your toes and sensitive fingertips from injuries. Thus keeping them trimmed properly is the best way to prevent major nail problems. Below are four inventive nail clippers that will help you trim your nails the easy and comfortable way without cutting the cuticles. These include:


Car Nail Clipper:

This is a truly unique piece and a must have for all car lovers. Designed in the shape of a car, once the upper portion of it moves out, this turns into a convenient and stylish nail clipper. It boasts of steel body and will work wonders in keeping up with your personal hygiene habits.


Sassy Bumble Bee:

This nail clipper designed in the shape of a bumblebee is a must-have for children. This will help you in trimming your baby’s nails gently without the fuss or fear of hurting their tender skin. This child-size nail clipper boasts of a simple grip design for ensuring precise cutting.


Klhip Nail Clipper:

Manufactured from stainless steel and a natural satin finish, this nail clipper is made available in a leather case manufactured from soft leather along with zippered case that is easy to handle.

nail clipper3

Stable Nail Clipper:

Originating from Japan, you cannot only hold it in different ways yet can also use them on tables via a simple push of a hand or merely a finger. It is that handy.


Nail trimmers are no longer lame and are truly a grooming kit. These nail clippers are cool, thereby claiming a smoother and safer cut and sparing your nails causing infection or tearing as well.

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