Concept Bridge for Amsterdam looks futuristic and feminine

Dreamlike and suave, this structure looks like a piece out of Barbie land. It looks as if the mellifluous design was set down gently on top of the water’s surface and has been floating there ever since. Its angled bends are very relaxed and the skin is as neat as a new pin. Offsetting these are trendy elements like the bubble shaped buttress below the sloppy climb and the bright orange hue along the pathway.

Floating Bridge

The design concept is actually for a pedestrian bridge and cafe in the water engulfed city of Amsterdam. The view of the city from this bridge is so very divine. Finally there’s something that can match up with the easygoing boat rides of Amsterdam. From different angles, the floating bubble beneath the bridge looks either transparent or reflective. The images of boats passing by the bobbing sphere will be reflected in it.

Walking over the bridge will be quite an experience, especially when you reach the point that begins to slope into the water. You can even perch down to take in the view after the walk. Stairs have been incorporated along the slope for people to sit down. You can also get a coffee from a cafe nearby to enjoy this open air arrangement. Moreover, the rung like seating area can be used for lectures and seminars.

Hats off to the brilliant engineering and thoughtful design behind this mobile, floating and lightweight structure. The idea of linking the structure with movable hinges is exceptional. So, the bridge will actually shift with tides of the Amstel river. One of the hinges of the structure is the bobbing sphere while another one floats partially in water. Also, the feminine design of the bridge is quite striking. Most man made structures are quite masculine and rugged. So, the stark opposite design of this one is quite a refreshing change.

Via: Appluse

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