Collapsible Hanging Shelter to hang out with a friend

The handiwork of designers Michael Rackowtitz and Lucy Orta, the Collapsible Hanging Shelter is an innovative and functional take on shelters. Though traditionally, shelters have been known to be earthbound to make them handy for users looking for ample space with minimal set up requirements, the Collapsible Hanging Shelter explores how the shelter can be made to utilize space when the surface of the earth has been rendered unusable for example in case of a flood or when ground conditions do not permit the setting up of a regular tent or shelter.

Collapsible Hanging Shelter

The mobile shelter is fully deflatable and collapsible that makes it perfectly portable as well. The Collapsible Hanging Shelter uses the familiar accessibility of cloth to create a hanging living space that serves the same functionality as a tent. Made using cost efficient grommets, bungee cords, high strength thread and ripstop nylon, the shelter offers both protection and comfort to users. Intended for both public as well as private sphere, the Collapsible Hanging Shelter can be used as a portable homeless shelter that can be set up during the rainy season to provide the destitute with a place to sleep at night when regular homeless shelters are no longer able to accommodate them.

The lightweight and versatile material of the fabric allows the shelter to be washed, decontaminated and reused several times to maintain a high level of hygiene which makes the shelter an ideal alternative to canvas tents. The Collapsible Hanging Shelter is also perfect for campers and hikers who can use the shelter when they need to make a base on the slopes of a hill/mountain so they do not need to find an area with sufficient horizontal space to set up a tent.

The Collapsible Hanging Shelter is large enough to fit two or more people comfortably. But the shelter does not come with any kind of added support or protection systems for children so users must provide some kind of support or braces themselves when children are housed in this hanging shelter. To set it up, the user would only need to find sturdy overhead support like a branch that can support the weight of the individuals inside it. Since there is no specific ground clearance requirement for the shelter, it can be hung as close or as far from the ground as is comfortable for the user. However, since the shelter does not pose any structural obstructions in it being used on the ground, it can also be set up on dry land though its collapsible top would still need to be tied to an overhead support system to keep the walls of the shelter upright.

Via: Cargo Collective

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