Click and Grow flowerpots to electrify indoor gardening

Click and Grow flowerpots

The concept

A Chinese proverb says that “if you want to be happy for a month get married and if you want to be happy for life be a gardener.” If you are a greenery lover and don’t have so much of time to take care of the plants then, Click and Grow is the one and the best option available for you. You don’t need to water the plants or add fertilizers or give any kind of extra care. The sensors, microprocessor and special software will take care of your plants without making you feeling guilty of ignoring your plants. The only thing you have to do is add some water and batteries and do what ever you feel like and click and grow will take care of everything else and your flower pot will be ready.

The inspiration

It is a clean without soil growing technology and has sensors inside it. The indigenous pots measure all required parameters and provide an exact amount of water, fertilizers and air. Mattias Lepp, the CEO of Click and Grow, came up with this idea after going through an article about the space program of NASA that said about growing plants in space without soil by using technologies like aeroponics and hydroponics. He thought of developing these technologies so that it could fit to modern homes and relieve people of problem regarding plants and their growth. The sensors, microprocessors and software in the pot takes care of the growth and development of the plant. A plant that grows in the Click and Grow flowerpot needs no watering, fertilizing or any extra care. In Click and Grow flowerpot, there is a special plant cartridge, which includes all the things necessary for plant growth – nutrients, seeds and software.

Where we are now

It does not require soil as it relies in aeroponics and grows plant in mist or air environment. The plant cartridge contains the seeds of desired plant and some fertilizers and information about seed type. The basic model gives notification lights to indicate when the tank is to be refilled, but the higher end model can even collect water from the air. After the prototypes refinement the product has gone into full scale production. This system comprises of a planter pot that uses by four AA batteries and features sensors that controls various parameters affecting the plant’s growth. After placing the cartridge into the pot, all that needs to be done is to fill the water tank again every couple of months, according to the surrounding temperature and replace the batteries about every eight months.

What makes it stand out?

It is not an ordinary plant pot, because it does not require the plants to be watered. The seeds are surrounded by internal sensors and the microprocessor will work to find out what the plants actually need. Top soil is also not to be bought so, no more earthworms in your house. It works on batteries and has a status light to guide you.

Where do we go from here?

The plant cartridge and the flowerpot work in co-ordination with each other like a printer. The old plant can be easily replaced by new plants when the life cycle of old plant ends. After the new plant cartridge is placed into the flowerpot, all the needed data for growing the plant is installed for growing a particular plant. A large number of people have already started signing up much before the production of the product has started. It seems to be a magic for most of the people.

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Ceramic Pot

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GreenAir planter

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3. Power planter

Power Planter

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Digital Pot

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