Cargo Hostels offers sustainable retreat for people on the move

World cities are becoming denser day by day, which has made compact living not only popular but essential. The trend of staying in “Capsule Hotels” has been quite prevalent in Japan since decades. The motive behind such capsule designs was to provide temporary and cheap alternative to the travelers and businessmen. Cargo Hostel by David Hassmund is a similar establishment that combines the idea of capsule hotels and a container to form a mobile living space.

Cargo Hostel

These hostels are made up of containers with 40-feet frame, which makes them quite simple to ship or carry by truck or even plane. These cabins could be used indoors as well as outdoors, depending upon the requirement and are tough to withstand harsh climatic conditions. The ladder, handles and the screen are the only enhancements required to be added to this container hostel upon arrival. The system operating these cabins is fully automatic with an integrated reservation procedure with limited time access cards, making transactions possible through SMS as well as credit cards. Proper lighting, ventilation and booking system, backed up by two 3-phase connectors and an emergency battery make Cargo Hostel a reliable and sustainable alternative to expensive hotels.

The Cargo Hostel serves as a safe and comfortable destination for campers in place of tents. Tired families and travelers could use them for resting while long distance traveling. These potential multipurpose hostels can help you making your journey more comfortable and full of new experiences as smaller the place, better the bonding.

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