Bubble X Hotel rushing ecstatic blood to night life of Hong Kong

Escape all worries and slip into state of ecstasy as you step into the Bubble X, which is a Night Club Hotel concept for the very busy as well as packed city of Hong Kong. The pleasing structure has been conceptualized by an architectural firm based in Marseille named vGH Company. The design managed to grab the second place at the International Competition held to design a Night Club Hotel for Hong Kong that will exude eroticism, elation and sensuality.

BUBBLE X: Night Club Hotel

The inside comes caked in red colored latex, which spreads to the outside of the tower as well and looks like blood rushing through the veins. The staggering concept has fetched heavy inspiration from the body fluids that run inside the body when one gets excited and is a perfect blend of all the satisfied and unsatisfied urges. The living and rest spaces inside the structure have a sense of duality, which is created by the moving and lightness of bubbles. The nightclub will unfurl spaces that can be used for partying as well as living. The dancing floors are raised structures fashioned by volumes, which are cantilevered, and are created using tubes and blend beautifully with the modern structure.

The hotel rooms have a modular representation, which have a metal outer skin. The inside is quite impressive and fetched attention, thanks to the use of colors and its transparent nature. The Night Club Hotel unfurls various recreational programs that will be clearly lined by plastic themes of the bubble. It will comprise of nightclubs, food areas and areas for sports as well as business. Bubble X with its sensuous aura will pull people towards it and inject a sense of exhilaration in the busy streets of Hong Kong.

Via: Archdaily

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