Bubble homes offer a sparkling retreat to modern nomads



With innovative creations and constructions going on all around the world, designers are coming up with novel ideas and sustainable designs for luxurious living. Everyone loves camping and traveling but the fear of wild animals, unfamiliar province and intense weather conditions like storm, snow and rain might hold us back from having such lifetime experiences. To tackle this problem and give transportable shelter to nomads, various portable homes have been created by various designers. Given below is a list of five such bubble homes to offer a cheerful retreat for modern travelers.

Crystal Bubble Portable Home


These luxurious and contemporary tents named as Crystal Bubble Home set a new example of lavish tenting. They can be inflated on any flat surface with the help of a silent pump that fills the clear plastic shell. Once the Crystal Bubble Portable Home is fully setup, it offers a 360-degree view of the nearby areas. These portable homes are available in various types of models, some of which also include secluded walls and ceiling. The price for each bubble home starts from €8,000 (10,532).

BMW Inflatable Bubble Tent



If you are an outdoor lover and enjoy adventurous trips but not at the cost of luxury and comfort, than this BMW’s Air Camper, which could be attached to the back of your car would definitely grab your attention and make your trip more enjoyable. BMW Inflatable Bubble Tent is a unique tent that differentiates it from the ones we are familiar with. It is more comfortable and gets attached to the back end of the car, allowing campers to make use of the inside of the car. It is puffed up using a low voltage fan powered through the car’s cigarette lighter. Air Camper inflatable tent is quite sufficient for two courageous campers.

Blob VB3: Bubble Egg Office by DMVA


Belgian architectural firm DMVA has come up with a multifunctional egg shaped bubble house termed as “Blob VB3”. This house permits its inhabitants to have homely comforts. It has been created using materials like polyester and supported by a wooden structure. It offers automatic opening for easy access inside the unit and is fully equipped with all the facilities like bathroom, kitchen, lighting, bed as well as a number of shelves for storing household stuff. This bubble shaped architecture provides shelter in a very economical and useful manner keeping in mind all your domestic needs.


Alpine Capsule bubble tent




Lovegrove Studio is a London based office of the designer Ross Lovegrove, which has designed a glass mountain living portable bubble home dubbed as Alpine Capsule. This is an eco friendly bubble home powered using solar and wind energy, especially for those people who enjoy staying in peaceful atmosphere of the mountains. The proposed capsule is made up of glass with completely reflecting outside layer. Its diameter is around eight meters making it quite spacious. The capsule has been designed in a very stylish manner that allows folks to sleep under the stars admiring a 360-degree view of the beautiful landscape.

Inflatable Bubble tecture pavilion




Raumlabor-Berlin firm of German Architecture has created a mind-boggling inflatable pavilion that will be popping up in parks of London as a mobile event space. Dubbed Portavilion, the futuristic bubble can be easily filled and deflated after each event. It helps saving manpower and resources required to erect a standard stage. The arrangement consists of a van that holds this structure, which inflates to form a big translucent covering creating a provisional space. This bubble home can squeeze under bridges, wrap up around trees or nuzzle into corners providing a roving space where people can debate, eat or simply enjoy with family and friends.

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