Bishan Central Condominium Project by Moshe Safdie Architects

Bishan Central Condominium

Created as a collaborative project for Mitsubishi Estate Asia Pte. Ltd. and CapitaLand Residential Singapore, the residential complex located in Bishan Central, Singapore is the brainchild of Moshe Safdie Architects. The upcoming condominium complex spans over an 11,997 sq m site and presents a distinctive example of urban housing in the new millennium.

Two 38-storey towers in the complex will house 500 apartments making it one of Singapore’s premium residential areas. The condominium looks to offer residents a new-age style of living with public gardens, private terraces and vertically-inclined greenery.

The buildings have been designed to allow each apartment an optimal orientation to receive maximum natural light without letting any heat in. Offering optimum view of the city’s skyline, the condos have also been enhanced to offer maximum natural ventilation.

Three sky gardens serve as a bridge between the two towers and offer residents a unique common garden and leisure space. While the residents of the upper levels will be treated to a gorgeous view of Singapore’s skyline, the families residing in the lower levels will have the lush greenery of Bishan Park as well as nearby gardens, walking paths, outdoors event spaces and swimming pools to enjoy.

The Boston, Massachusetts-based architectural firm plans to develop the site to be as urban and as modern possible without letting it seem away from nature since the buildings are being targeted as a prime residential complex. By linking the towers through sky gardens and allowing 70% of the ground-level site to be developed to provide greenery and natural scenes, the condos look to provide families with the most serene and close-to-nature home environment within city limits.

By weaving dramatic and sustainability-boosting features that optimize natural light and air, the building also helps residents save electricity and benefit from the air purified by the sky gardens, Bishan Park and the green cover provided around the site. Maximizing air movement within the building will also help combat the humidity that Singapore’s tropical climate brings and helps the building adapt better to the local environment.

The project is still in the development stage and the companies hope to have the condominium ready up for sale by early 2012 with Temporary Occupation Permits up for grabs by 2015.

Via: World Architecture News

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