Best Ingeniously Designed Toasters

Technology has undoubtedly made our lives simpler and easier. Not only has it reduced our work load heavily but has also added fun and enjoyment to our normal chores, such as cooking, which once used to be dull and boring. Here is an all-new range of exciting toaster designs that will make you fall in love with them and you will not resist buying one for yourself.Notepad Toaster

Notepad Toaster:

Sasha Tseng has come up with the wonderful and elegant toaster that looks like a notepad. The toaster is unique in that it has a small message board where you can list down your notes for the day. To your surprise, you can also toast the message on your toast and enjoy reading while eating.

Hello Kitty Toaster

The Hello Kitty Toaster:

This is the cutest of all the toasters you would have seen and is available with seven toasting levels. The delicious toasts have a hello kitty imprinted on them. The beautiful pink color and the soft white exterior of the toaster makes it even more wanted.

Pop Art Toaster

Pop Art Toaster:

For those who are tired of eating the same boringly toasted breads every day here is something exciting. This creative toaster prints funny images on your toasts and is even available with different types of SRT plates to have different prints every day. The art plates are removable and have patterns saying “LUV U,” flowers, snowflakes and various smiles to brighten your day up.

Transparent Toaster Concept

Transparent Toaster Concept:

This latest innovation on the toaster designs is extremely useful and creative, since with this model, you do not need to worry about your toast getting burnt or over cooked. With the transparent body, you can have a watch over the cooking of your toast and can even stop the process whenever desired. This helps you to have the perfectly toasted toast for breakfast without over or under toasting. The toaster is attractive and elegant too.

Nahamer Toaster

Nahamer Toaster:

This Nahamer T450 toaster design goes to the credit of Rob Penny and excels in its good looks and smart transparent windows. With the windows, it is easy to have a watch on the toasting process and the toasts in this machine unlike popping up gently slide down into your plates. The design is based on the simplification of conventional toasters.


Here are some state-of-the-art toasters that are not only attractive with a user-friendly appeal but also present an adorable design.

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