Benefits of Modern Architecture

Green architecture seems vital for the environmental sustainability. It’s a secure way to avoid environmental degradation.


Modern Architecture Can Save Our Planet

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. It is any change or disturbance of environment perceived to be deleterious or undesirable. Sustainable architecture is a general term that describes environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture. This type of architecture is target of big discussion of sustainability and the pressing economic and political issues in the world. It tends for sustainable energy use. It protects occupant health and improves employee productivity. It reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation. Modern architecture is promising for setting out a better world for living.

Today’s designers have begun along a radically different path, inspired in part by nature. This new generation of architects has a vision of buildings which do more than shelter us: they will nourish us, keep us healthy, help maintain mood, and boost productivity. The relationship between humans and buildings would, in effect, benefit from a kind of synergy, with the building taking an active interest in our well-being.

Green or environmentally friendly, design is the biggest buzzword in right now. Designers are starting to incorporate plants into the office and even into buildings themselves. Plants have a number of benefits in architecture. One of the most surprising is their psychological benefit. Scientists have shown that workers in an office with plants have 12% higher productivity and significantly reduced stress compared to those in offices without plants. This effect comes just from looking at the plants, which seems to have a calming effect. Buildings with large numbers of plants are able to save on operation and maintenance costs, since the plants are effectively taking the place of heavy machinery.

Fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain and headaches in sensitive individuals, and may negatively affect mood. Sunlight, on the other hand, seems to have a number of benefits; these benefits include boosting productivity and helping regulating of circadian rhythms. With these benefits in mind, architects have begun designing buildings to make maximum use of natural light from the sun.


The use of modern architecture can appear valuable in the decreasing of the terrific consequences of a certain disaster. Modern-day architectures, every day are trying to come out with suitable solutions that will be sufficient and eco-friendly to the environment.

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