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Beirut Wonder Forest plants tree on rooftops for a lush green city

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The concept

The Studio invisible, like many of us, too wondered about the same. But, they did not just wonder. They used their minds to present a never before plan. The Beirut Wonder Forest is to free the environment from the evil pollutants, and has proposed that every rooftop of the buildings standing in the city should encourage greenery by planting plants, trees, etc in pots.

Beirut Wonder Forest

The inspiration

The need is a key to invention. And, so is true for deciding the fate of this war-torn Lebanese capitol. Since long, the city of Beirut is fighting the mighty smog releases from the vehicles. The ever growing environment population has been a concern for many since a long time. It is truly said that for every problem, environment holds the key. The cobweb of impurities in the environment can be removed by planting trees and spreading greenery. The biggest inspiration and encouragement for the adaptation of this plan is that each household can easily contribute for its success by planting trees on the rooftop. And, the second motivating factor is that this plan does not involve any major cost. This plan can be implemented by any kind of household without putting any burden on the daily bills. Thirdly, the benefits derived are invaluable. Health benefits along with savings in electricity bills, both can be achieved through this plan. This plan can attract tourists too to sight the world’s first ever sky forest. And all this can be done without getting over the large vehicles and other means of transportation.

Eco credentials

What even the greatest plans have not been able to do, can be easily done by a simple idea if Studio Invisible is implemented properly. It aims at benefiting the eco-system, which are listed below to name a few:

1. The wastage of rain water can be put to a stop by planting trees all around, on every rooftop.

2. The quality of air can be upgraded as more the number of trees, more will be the oxygen released in air, enabling us to enjoy the fresh breeze.

3. Now, beautiful rooftop gardens can be created with large green space contributing to a soothing environment.

4. Plantation of trees will help in rain and water filtration.

5. Not only this, such rooftop gardens will generate a place for relaxation.

6. A cool place which is shady is an advantage when it comes about the energy conservation.

7. Instead of trees and other plants, households as per their requirement can choose as per their requirement to grow fruits and vegetables and enjoy the benefits of healthy, self grown food.


The most striking feature of this plan is that it is feasible and can be adapted at ease by each household, big or small. This plan can be achieved without undertaking any extra effort putting any burden on the daily routine. The most complementing example is its low cost. The cost of practically undertaking this plan is minimal as nothing has to be done, but purchase the mud pots. The material required for undertaking this plan can be easily obtained from any store. No special art of qualification is required. So, no questions can be raised on its feasibility.


1. Bosco vertical forest

Bosco vertical Forest

With the objective to secure the survival of the contemporary European cities, this model has been devised. According to this project, two residential towers marking a height of 110 and 76 meters shall be located in the center of Milan, which is found at the edge, if the Isola neighborhood, and a sky rocketing number of 900 trees shall be planted along with a variety of other floral plants and shrubs. If such number of trees ear planted on plat land, an area of 10000sfm could be easily covered.

This project initiates the regeneration of environment and urban bio diversity without causing effect in any expansion of city on the territory. It not only purifies the air by sucking the dust particles and CO2 emissions, but also makes the air humid making the world a better place to live.

2. Mixed-Use Aggregation Skyscraper in Brooklyn

Mixed-Use Aggregation SkyscraperThis project has blended playing and working areas together creating a mixed-use building. It can be spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it deals with how to use the neighborhood with retail, industrial and residential areas. Two main ideas rule this project’s concept. This first to be named is aesthetic driver or the organization logic i.e. an aggregate of different geometries which ensure a special variation. The second idea in the list is finding a way to fight the effect of Urban Heat Island. This can be achieved by cooling down the air and lowering the usage of electricity-based air-conditioners, and thereby creating an entire forest within the building.

3. Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

Tour Végétale de Nantes

The tower of Prairie-au-Duc constitutes a main body that is ringed all around by elliptic balconies. These balconies are found to vary from one floor to another, forming a giant organic silhouette. This tower supports a wide variety of chasmophites plants which come from the entire collections of the Nantes botanical gardens. The scientists have ransacked the whole world for collecting these plants. This building shall show the entire plant collection. This plantation originally grows in long stainless steel tubes, which are believed to recreate all the natural conditions required by the chasmophite plants which help them grow well in rocky mountains too. Since over one year, scientists are conducting experiments on the viability of the process of plantation taking place in the Botanical Gardens of Nantes. The results derived from this experimentation have shown that the growth of these plants is exceptional as they consume a very low volume of water.

4. Fusionopolis

FusionopolisThis is a futuristic green building which can make Singapore as a most eco friendly skyscraper among the island nations. This building is planned to be a 15-story building, 1.4 Km high. This building will act as a home to longest stretch of vegetation which is continuous and vertical in nature. Its each floor will be draped with landscaped garden terraces and a spine of planting will vertically rise up through the building. This vegetation will fasten the process and passive cooling and help in insulation. Prisms will be placed within the building at right angles, which shall direct natural daylight into the building’s interior by deflecting the sunlight as and when it hits them. The irrigation and drainage system will also experience integrated green features. The entire building will function as one ecosystem, and will strive to bring the organic elements at balance with inorganic elements to ensure that the building works similar to a living system.

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