Beautiful designs for pens

Pens can be more than just a writing instrument. Here is a list of top designs in pens that wowed us.


Beautiful designs for pens

  • Ruler Pen – Measure as you write with the Ruler pen with the inbuilt ruler in your pen. With this, you do not have to carry a t-square wherever you go. It is a must have for artists and students who have to do a lot of drawing straight lines.


  • Cigarette Pen – This quirky design in pens is just a fun and unusual design for a pen and does not promote cigarettes. We love it for the unusual design and its exact resemblance to a real cigarette.


  • Cramp free Pen – If you have to go on a writing spree for long periods of time, you will be more than familiar with the cramps attached to it due to the strain caused because of employing downward pressure of your hand on your fingers. This pen is designed with rubber grips for your index finger and thumb to ensure cramp free writing for both left handed and right handed writers.

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  • Inkless Pen – Instead of graphite, the Inkless pen leaves behind metal alloy tips when you are done writing. It cannot be used as a substitute for your graphite pencils but it sure comes handy when you have to rummage through your bag in an emergency situation to note down things. Also it ensures you the need for never sharpening it.


  • Lipstick Pen – The lipstick pen is perfect for the ladies who love fun accessories. It looks like your normal everyday lipstick and is a perfect replica of the real tube of lipstick but take the top off and you are left with a pen that writes. It finds favor with both little girls and ladies alike.


  • Evo Pen – This ergonomic pen is different from the usual pens in the way that it is designed like the index finger to be supported by the thumb ensuring people pain-free writing. The factor which makes this pen a winner is that it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and other therapists.


  • Feather Pen – If you are one for the old times and would have loved to write with a quill instead of a pen, the feather pen allows you that comfort. Whether you want a vintage design or a quirky modern take on the quill is your choice.

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