AscendAid makes ups and downs of changing stories a cinch

To make a living, our mind works incessantly and our feet tread unaccountable miles. There comes an age when you slow down deservedly because you’ve been a worker and a provider during all your hay days. It’s time to indulge a little, make things easier for you for a change. It’s time to make all those ups and downs more negotiable. AscendAid ascends your convenience to much undemanding levels as changing stories within your home becomes a cinch.


It blends mobility and steadiness of a walker with stability and strength of staircase railing to form a free gliding hold up into the hand railing of the stairs. The whole setup is basically composed of two parts i.e. wall components and steel handle. Wall parts consist of plastic end caps, aluminum extrusions, wall support and 90 degree wall turn panel, and steel handle consists of a styling plastic caps and a sturdy steel handle to hold. Safety is the basic priority of this design therefore, standard cross head screws are provided to secure railing to the wall bracket.

The steel handle has also been made with the same caution and intellect. Cantilevered handles are cushioned with the soft foam comfort padding for spongy grip. Free movement to the wheels is provided by the articulating swing arms. Brake handles to provide optimum comfort and to avoid injury makes the design ergonomic. Thus AscendAid could prove to be a great help for elderly and partially disabled to ascend and descend stairs conveniently without being dependent on anyone.

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