Artificial islands present natural retreat floating on waves



Artificial islands have become increasingly rampant in the recent years and are a true picture of luxury and art. They come injected with notable features, which manage to arrest attention. Countries like Holland, Japan, Dubai, and Hong Kong boast of such floating constructions, which are a picture of new housing, airports and even producing power. These man made islands are nothing less than a paradise and unfurl a dream like experience. Below is a list of some of the most beautiful and creative artificial islands, which the human inventiveness has put together.

Qatar’s Artificial Floating Resort Island




Giancarlo Zema Design Group has proposed a water resort for Qatar, which will be an extraordinary amalgamation of artificial islands and floating homes. The design comprises of an artificial island that has an oval shape. A great view is provided by the connection between well carved resort towers and an underwater hall. The floating houses, named Jelly fish, will also have an underwater viewing room that will be placed in the belly. This gives an exquisite view of the sea, which is nothing but mesmerizing. Yachts that burn clean hydrogen and electric driven vehicles will be used to move about, which will keep the surroundings away from the clutches of pollution.

Artificial floating islands by Koen Olthuis


Climatic change directly contribute towards rising sea levels, which is a threat for Maldives as it is not more than six feet above sea level. The Maldives Government is taking all the necessary steps to stop climatic change and protect the island country in the Indian Ocean. The government has decided to develop artificial floating islands that will comprise of golf courses and convention centers, to name a few. The floating structures look like a star and have been designed by an architecture named Koen Olthuis from Waterstudio, NL. These mini cities will have beautiful green roof terraces, interior pools and beaches, while the inside space will be well concealed under the terrace. The methods used to erect these huge structures won’t disturb the aquatic environment in any sense.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion or OTEC is a relatively new technology, which is being developed by Dominic Michaelis, Alex Michaelin and Trevor Cooper Chadwick. The trio is making good use of the difference in water temperatures that occurs in and above the surface of ocean, which will be used to produce electricity. Energy Islands will be built for this purpose, which will be platforms shaped like a hexagon. The network of energy islands will float on the surface of water and will harness wind, solar and wave energy. Such energy islands produce excellent results if the temperature difference between water below the surface and above it is 20°C. Such a requirement is fulfilled by the subtropical and tropical seas and hence is the best pick for such energy islands. Each island can easily produce as much as 250 MW and provides desalinated water, which is a byproduct of the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

Floating Pleasure Islands


If you wish to have some ocean fun and own a private island, then Floating Pleasure Islands by the Finnish Company will definitely leave you wheezing. These will be built on concrete pontoons and will be fixed by anchors in the seabed. The cable anchors will be of Seaflex rubber, which will let the island go up and down as per the sea level. The heavy duty EPS filled concrete platform is quite durable and in turn stabilizes the overall structure. The artificial islands will have beautiful beaches and hills plus growing soil for plants and palms, which will give them a surreal appearance. These structures will have minimal impact on the sea bed and will not get in the way of water currents.

The World artificial floating islands by Dutch Docklands


Dutch Docklands from Netherlands has come up with a pretty neat as well as sustainable alternative to the sinking World Islands. These islands are being developed in the Arabian//Persian Gulf and hundreds of islands have been placed in such a way that they look like the world when viewed from above. The Dutch company has proposed to launch a floating island on The World. These will be constructed using the already existing floating landmasses and will be self supportable as all the equipment is within the island. This will save a lot of money, labor and of course precious resources.

Tower of Wind


Kaze-no-to is a large tower, which has been erected on an artificial island. It is a ventilation shaft present on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line and is a great link between Kawasaki City and Kisarazu City. The island is man made and has been christened as the Tower of Wind. The splendid Tokyo skyline from the top of the tower will leave you in a state of complete amazement as it unfurls picturesque views. The architectural marvel was completed in a span of 30 years and is truly gorgeous.

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