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Aqua Station cleanses fire hydrant water for post emergency use

by threeartadmin

Created by designer Zhang Xi, He Siqian, Kang Yuan and Xia Chenxi, the Aqua Station post emergency water delivery system seeks to provide a solution to the problem of shortage of drinking water in case an emergency strikes an inhabited area. When a major natural disaster has struck an area or is about to strike an area, people are generally advised to leave their homes and move into shelters set up by the government agencies.

Aqua Station

Even though this is the best possible way to ensure that a large part of the population remains unharmed by a disaster, it can often contribute to the spread of diseases among shelter seekers as they are forced to drink whatever water is available at the shelter. The Aqua Station looks to provide a safe alternative to drinking unfiltered tap water at such locations. The system basically filters and cleanses water from fire hydrants hence tapping into a non-regular source of water supply and cleansing it for public consumption.

The Aqua Station is fitted with three taps that can be used to dispense herbal medicine, clean drinking water as well as hand sanitizer to ensure that shelter seekers do not fall prey to infections. When one of the vessels is being filled, another can be placed securely on top via an expanded outlet pipe with a flattened top surface.

Source: Red Dot

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