Eight amazing home concepts giving the glimpse of future

Home concepts

Building a home is a natural instinct of all human beings once they create a family and procreate. Everyone has a dream home around which they build castles and dreams. While most of us have dreams that involve smaller houses somewhere in the corner of the world, there are others who dream big with beautiful, astoundingly spectacular and one of a kind homes that are capable of taking our breath away.

Are you one of them who is looking at homes that can bowl you over? Here are some home concepts to look at and create your own unique version after getting inspired by these beautiful abodes.

1. Bird Island

Bird Island

A wonderful and beautiful construction that allows you to drink in the beauty of nature and also derive energy from it for your daily needs, all the while conserving nature and natural resources as well. Located in Kuala Lumpur and designed by Graft architects, the structure is created with silicone glass that changes the transparency of the outer walls to enable complete enjoyment of nature when needed. The outer cover conserves rainwater, and uses wind power and solar energy.

2. AirDrop house

AirDrop House

Still a concept and designed by Andrew Maynard Architects as a disaster relief plan for hurricane and tsunami affected areas, the AirDrop house is supposed to be dropped in areas of disaster as a temporary shelter for the victims. The design is such that the surface of the AirDrop house allows the growth of plants that come of help as a shade and also as food. A great home concept if it is implemented.

3. Modular tree house concept

Modular Tree House Concept

Designed by Lukasz Kos who was a student of Toronto’s Architectural School, it is made to look like a Japanese lantern which stays on stilts. The tree house floats on top of the fir trees near the Lake Muskoka in Ontario. This white structure amidst the fir tree help in letting in all the fresh air and light into the house, making it a wonderful and green space to live, a home away from the polluted city atmosphere.

4. Boat home concept

Boat home concept

Living amidst the tumultuous ocean bed is not a dream harbored by many. But for those who have an abundant passion for the sea and its endless waters, the Boat home would appeal hugely. Created by Waterstudio, a home building company, the boat home is designed to be water disaster proof and ecological in nature. They stand on airtight practicalities and has limp which is built to form electrical energy. There are water cables for nourishing the entire structure. The bob southwards suspended floor for withstanding flood. The concept is still at its rudimentary stage and might soon be implemented in the waters of Holland.

5. Komb house

Komb house

Created by Karim Rashid from Egypt, this house is designed in such a way to minimize the environmental impact. There are solar panels for heating the water, gray and pluvial water is reused and the entire structure is constructed using materials that can be reused like glass. The structure can also be entirely detached and put back together if you want to shift somewhere.

6. Dupli Casa

Dupli Casa

Touted as the most futuristic design in the world, Dupli Casa is a three storey structure which has beautiful white walls and angular windows to provide the best view of the surrounding area like the David Chipperfield’s Museum of Modern Literature. The bedrooms on top have a design that makes them jut out from the second floor and hang out into the air.

7. LAVA home


This concept revolves around a home that is inside a skydome where a microclimate is created for the plants. The skydome is made of ETFE bubbles. The concept is going to be built on the roof of a Beijing Mall. There are 15 types of living spaces displayed inside this skydome where everything from the bathroom, kitchens, vegetable gardens and dream lighting is set for the world to see and enjoy.

Technology is invisible with every need taken care of. The lighting system is quite toned down with spider vein lighting systems that are very conducive for the plant and animal life.

8. The passive home

The passive home

The passive home is inspired by the thermal homes constructed by American Indians. The walls are very thick which helps in conserving the heat from the sunlight in the morning and keeps the inmates warm in the cold nights. To keep the house from turning too hot in the mornings, there are windows that are placed strategically and a roof that prevents the heat form lingering around a space that is below 10 feet.

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