65 ° web radio by Christopher Kuhner has uber’ futuristic design

Christopher Kuhner’s 65 ° web radio is retro futuristic

Ever since internet radio and podcasts have taken over people’s music listening, the old radio has been relegated to playing in retirement homes and adoring retro inspired decors. However, there are a few people who still miss the radio being a part of their lives and want to bring back some of the magic that radio shows used to being into our homes and cars. And it is precisely for those people that designer Christopher Kuhner has created the 65 ° web radio.


The radio is a mix of modern digital internet radio and the good old analog radio of yore and allows users to play limitless stations through a box type radio that can be tuned like old radios. The radio playing jukebox uses high tech internet technology which allows users to listen to all their music through modern technology while the old radio look allows it to be merged within vintage aspects of a visually retro or classic décor.

To cater to the music playing tastes of the new generation, the old retro feel radio features a touchscreen interface at the top that can be manipulated easily for quick access to controls. To control options like streaming and HQ filter, users can use knobs located at the sides. The tactile controls also allow users to scan through the list of radio stations available in an area and the knobs can also be used to change and adjust the volume.

For the classic radio lover, the music playing wonder comes with a bunch of color options and a very sleek design. The retro futuristic look of the radio also appeals to the aesthetic sense of newer generations though people will also love the classic tactile knob controls that the radio uses.

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