5 Super impressive Lego creations for your dose of inspiration

Which is that one toy that finds most love? Of course it’s the tiny interlocking plastic building blocks that unlock a whole new world of creativity and style. The Lego toys are a product of the Lego Group in Denmark, founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Apart from being a children’s’ play toy, Lego is quite suited for any age group. They can also be used to create astonishing items that are extremely practical and useful, and intensely creative and skilful. Listed below are five of the coolest objects made from Lego. Take a look.

1.      The Lego Birkin Bag

The Lego Birkin Bag

This astonishing and super attractive Lego bag is the creation of a seller at Etsy, and is given the name “agabag.” The bag is made entirely out of Lego bricks and is actually usable! It bears a working flap to open and close the bag and two large pockets that can carry your belongings easily. The size of the bag is about 25 cm and is available in colors like black, white, orange, yellow, blue, grey, lime and orange including a multicolor piece with a slightly greater cost.

2.      Impressive Lego Paintings

Impressive Lego Paintings

The science of art cannot be confined and it flows with a person’s imagination and creativity and this is how the people of the world have witnessed some of the most remarkable creations. Marco Pece, and Italian photographer from Turin is one such person who truly defines the concept of art. He is an art freak and has recreated some of the most phenomenal and world famous paintings using LEGO blocks. His creations include Lego made paintings like Mona Lisa, Grant Wood’s American Gothic, Jan Vermeer’s Pearl Earring and others with mind blowing details.

3.      Lamp ‘OLE KIRK’:

Lamp ‘OLE KIRK’ 2

This is an extremely attractive and eye-catching lamp holder built using Lego bricks. The lamp is of square shape and contains a bulb placed right at its center with the help of a supporting rod beneath. The bricks look simply fascinating once the lamp is illuminated.

4.      Lego boardroom table:

Lego boardroom table

This superb boardroom table has been created by using 22,742 Lego pieces and was created for an advertising agency by the name Boys and Girls. The table was constructed using traditional Lego joining techniques without using adhesives and glue and bears the company’s logo that was built over the table top.

5.      CEO desk by Stefan Holmes and Johannes Tjemberg:

CEO desk by Stefan Holmes and Johannes Tjemberg

Designers Stefan and Johannes created this awe inspiring Lego inspired furniture. The CEO desk is made using traditional Lego making technique and is painted in high gloss black paint and also consists of enameled beech and MDF.


From highly defined paintings to stylish and chic furniture, Lego blocks, when used creatively can create some really mind blowing structures.

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