5 most extravagant fish tank designs

Fishes are liked by majority of the people. Some of the people like to keep fish aquariums and fish tanks. In modern world everyone wants to keep extravagant fish tanks. It is more like a live accessory in home, hotel and offices. There are various types of fish tank designs available.

The five most extravagant fish tank designs available are-


Red sea max fish tank– this fish tank design is one of the best available designs. It is available in a number of sizes which varies between 130 liters to 500 liters. Before adding water and its accessories to the fish tank, one must decide where to place it. This is because the fish tank will become heavier to move after filling it. To decorate this beautiful fish tank, one can add fish, rocks and coral. To maintain the temperature of the fish tank, it must be placed under direct sunlight so the temperature will be naturally maintained. These are very attractive tanks and come along with a number of accessories such as mechanical accessory which include filtration and active carbon. There are biological accessories also. This type of tank is good for freshwater and tropical water. Fishes such as Gourami (medium fishes) and Discuss (large fishes) can be kept in these fantastic fish tanks. One can further enhance the beauty of the tank by adding different types and colors of coral.

Juwel fish tanks– this type of fish tank design can bear 120 litres to 300 litres. These fish tanks are very beautiful to look at. This fish tank design comes in various colors such as black, beech and dark wood. This is a high tech fish tank. There are heater, pump, tubes, high light units and filter media present in the tank. This tank should be kept away from direct sunlight or from radiators so that it functions properly. There are a number of fishes that can be added to the fish tanks to make it look more colorful. They are- Tetra (small fish), Gourami (medium fish) and Discuss (large fish). These can be placed in the aquarium according to their size. Adding stones, rocks, plants and coral enhances the beauty of the tank. But one should never over do so that the fishes do not face any problem.


Aqua medic fish tank– this also one of the most extravagant fish tank. It is available in diverse size and designs. The smallest tank has strength for 140 liters while the largest one can bear up to 950 litres.  A number of different types of marine fishes can be kept in them. The tank is quite large therefore a perfect place must be chosen before hand for the tank as later on it will be difficult to move. The fishes should be added according to the size of the tank. A number of mixed marine fishes can be kept together in these fish tanks.

Polyresin fish tank– this fish tank is Glass fish tank with peacock shape. It is very pretty available in Champagne, antique gold and red colors. It is very delicate and is available in various sizes. A number of colorful fishes can be added to the tank to make it look more beautiful. It is perfect tank for parties and other festive functions.


Nano cubes fish tanks– these are really small fish tanks which can be kept in the present modern homes. Certain sea shrimps and weeds can be kept in these fish tanks. These are also available in many beautiful designs and colors. The idea behind creation of these fish tanks was for the modern homes. LED lights can be used to make them look more beautiful.

One should always choose design according to the décor of the particular area so that it complements the place.

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