3D-printed dress based on Kinematics

Nervous System, a design studio commissioned by the museum of fine arts, Boston has invented a 3D dress that will be a part in the tech style exhibition starting from 6 July to 10 July 2016. The specialty lies in the technology behind the dress that has made the outfit a perfect combination of fashion and technology. Based on Kinematics, the 3D dress comprises of unique interlocking components that allows it to flow like fabric. Every single component of the dress is rigid in design, making it a single folded piece with petals protruding out from the framework underneath.

Requires no assembly

3D-printed dress  (3)

The 3D dress printed in nylon requires no assembly. By doing 3D scan, the dress is customized according to a person’s body according to the varying length, shape and direction. Kinematics dress has almost 1600 interlocking pieces that connect with each other through 2600 hinges. The fully assembled dress is efficiently fabricated with a dynamic folding strategy and folding garments before printing create complex structures that take the desired shape.

Smart Design

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To create a custom fit dress, Nervous system has designed the 3D dress with simulation tools. The simulator helps folding the cloth in the shape of a ball. The Kinematics dress consists of overlapping petals that compress the garment for a productive 3D print. Underneath the petal covering lies the Kinematics framework that helps the dress to flow with the moves of the model. To make the dress appear more original, buttons are cleverly fixed in the interlocked pieces of the dress. Due to the smart design of the 3D Kinematic garment, one can move freely in any direction.

3D printing in fashion is likely to change your entire wardrobe. With the comfort and flexibility in the material, the outfit is wearable. A time will come when people will download patterns of various dresses and print them to have new outfits ready.

Source : Designboom.Com

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